THP Website Evolution

Triad Health Project
A dynamic online resource for sexual health education, treatment and advocacy.

The organization was struggling with an identity and site that represented a dated vision of HIV and those living with HIV. They had also lost access to the ".org" variant of the website. The consensus was that the site (like the brand) felt dated.


To reflect the vitality of the community (those living with HIV and those working to end HIV) and justice-focused work needed to create a future free from HIV. The site also needed to support live events, special awareness campaigns and an active social media.


The innovation of the action experience at the front featuring "Get Tested", "Get Treatment", "Get Support" and "Get Involved" proved key gateways while the incorporation of test scheduling and awareness messaging became popular with users.


If I take even a quarter-step back, the places we've visited, arrived at and look toward are simply stunning and I trust point toward a better world for many with the Triad Health Project brand update. It's obvious that the skill, heart and passion of the A Great Idea team have been integral to whatever strides we've made and, to me, equally integral to the places we need to go.
Mark C.
Executive Director

Stepping Into the Light

After a major rebranding initiative led by A Great Idea which involved identifying and implementing core strategies to lift up decades' of work in the community, the website served as a centerpiece to share this evolution in language and commitment to speak publicly about their work. The organization had largely presented itself in subtle and frequently overlooked ways. Through an energized content strategy and bold palette, the Wordpress site reflects the bravery, passion, and strength of the community THP serves.

Action That Has Impact

Key to ending HIV is a community that takes action. This was central to the rebranding initiative, and this perspective informed many of the decisions in the website. Strong calls to action are found at strategic locations assisting in adding clarity to the purpose and benefit of the site to users.

Innovative Content Approach

Rather than follow many of the existing models in nonprofit messaging, A Great Idea team introduced creative solutions and strategies to the Triad Health Project website that spoke directly to users who were looking to Get Informed, Get Tested, Get Support, or Get Involved. This language brought users to Wordpress pages that were designed to connect and motivate users to their next actions.