A Great Idea provided outstanding branding support and content creation for us on a frantic turnaround deadline. The communication is excellent and they brought wonderful life to our initial ideas.
Phil L.
Artistic Director

Re-imagining the Catalog

Inspired by the vision of Phil Lacey, the company’s new Artistic Director, A Great Idea embraced the challenge to reflect and update the perception of the Gilbert & Sullivan Library of wit, wisdom, and wildness for new audiences. A Great Idea brought forward a rich palette and made intentional references to the political climates (on and offstage) through the key art‘s poster design.

The Outtake, Sort Of

Sometimes, it is insightful to see the alternative choices, and we share this one because our partner asked A Great Idea to produce materials for an A/B test of creative. We love this, when it's possible, to better gauge how stories and visuals connect with audiences. A Great Idea created an alternate campaign that ran on social media to support ticket sales so we could better target future campaigns.