Sports-themed Fundraising Event

Reading Connections



Bringing the Energy

A first-time event has many different challenges and opportunities. Once the team determined the fundraiser would center around the basketball game H.O.R.S.E., it was up to A Great Idea to deliver a visual identity that conveyed the energy of the game as well as the connection to adult literacy. To overcome the complexity, the brand identity includes the original acronym created by the organizing team. The icon works independently as does the typography (without the icon) so that the brand can be applied annually in various formats with updated promotional materials.

Building the Campaign

For the event’s first year and introduction, A Great Idea focused the art direction on the energy of the event participants. A Great Idea worked with a talented local photographer Mark Wagoner to produce the action shots. Through the graphic design of the posters, postcards, and other collateral and bringing them together with a positive tagline that encourages the community to rethink literacy as an opportunity: “Take Your Shot."

Carrying it Online

Choosing to work through the Squarespace CMS, the event’s site needed primarily to be an engaging resource for further information as well as team and volunteer signup. Using images from the original photoshoot and applying the event branding, the site’s user interface design conveys the energy and enthusiasm that prompted significant participation from the community.

Going Live: from Pep Rally to the Main Event

With a series of special live events to get the public motivated as well as the event itself, A Great Idea supplied the creative support and strategies to keep the brand consistent and memorable, including t-shirt design, banner graphics, onsite promotions, and more.

Raising Funds, Raising Awareness

The event was significantly more successful than previous annual fundraisers and public awareness related to the promotions of the event supported a higher-than-expected public donations number during the following appeals. Events like this ensure the community is aware of the non-profit’s work. A Great Idea can help your business or organization market your event. Contact us, and let’s do something great!