Brand & Website Evolution

People USA
A Great Idea's team mapped out an easy-to-follow plan for this work, created original content on-time and within budget, and ultimately delivered excellent products that consistently turn heads. We are now People USA, with a beautiful logo, sharp branding, and a web site that feels fresh, dynamic, and modern.
Joshua G.
Chief Strategy & Development Officer

A Simple Revolution

With decades of grassroots community services provision under their belt, People USA’s story that centers on their commitment to representing emotional and behavioral health from the patient perspective. Like many organizations, they adopted and got used to an identity mark that proved to be a barrier to their expansion. A Great Idea spent time developing a clear road map for their brand identity (including the new name), working collaboratively to narrow down the key messages they wanted to communicate while still giving a concrete nod to their focus: people.

Sharing Their Story

In partnership with New York’s prestigious anat. public relations firm, A Great Idea applied a mixture of content strategy and user experience design to rethink the People USA story and how they presented their services as a continuum of care.

Custom Solutions

Working through sitemaps and wireframes, A Great Idea guided the People USA through a process to organize and enable ease of access to the organization’s vast services throughout New York’s Hudson Valley.

Connecting the Collateral

Taking the identity offline to ensure consistent use means working with regional and national printers that can operate on reasonable budgets and deliver superior work, ranging from graphically designing day-to-day letterhead to networking materials that get noticed.