Happy to give my full endorsement to A Great Idea's wonderful mix of competence, creativity, and on-time response to deadlines, hard combination to beat. Their work increased our start-up Instagram 10 fold in 3 months!
Cynthia D.
Project Manager

Instagram Initiative

Applying several social media strategies, ranging from multi-post to Instagram stories and video, A Great Idea created opportunities to meet advocates and attendees for the free, online events bringing together experts and professionals to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on LGBTQ+ people as well as ongoing political initiatives.

Design That Invites Response

By creating strong visuals and highlighting political and cultural influencers through a consistent campaign, A Great Idea empowered the New Pride Agenda to connect to its audience through a strong promotional identity. In addition to social media, A Great Idea facilitated materials on the organization’s website, which included WordPress development, and email communications. View The New Pride Agenda site here.

Managing the Details

In addition to supporting both graphic design and strategy, A Great Idea’s team provided support through video editing, management of the organization’s YouTube channel, and collaborating on speakers for the virtual forums.