My Life. My Body. My PrEP.


The theme, set by the client coalition, was a slight modification of the previous year’s theme. However, we needed a new visual direction and needed to use images from photo shoots they had already arranged.


The coalition wanted new campaign social media graphics, and later, a vertical vinyl banner using their own photography.


Our visual concept was to use a bright, dynamic background pattern in juxtaposition to the spokesmodel photos. The final images were vibrant, visually energetic, and celebrate the diversity of the spokesmodels.



Multi-media Promotion

The “My Life. My Body. My PrEP.” campaign was promoted on social media, video (YouTube), and with an in-person launch. We drove all of the social media promotion–graphic design and copywriting–including additional posts on the videos. Our vertical banners were the only campaign collateral for the live launch event.

Speaking the Language

A significant segment of the PrEP Coalition's audience uses Spanish as its first language. To ensure they could be reached, a bilingual campaign was necessary. Social media posts, graphics, and videos were translated into Spanish. Likewise, video interviews in Spanish had English subtitles.