Clarity of Functions

With nearly 40 linear pages in the initial concept and design, this cost tool’s user experience needed to be slimmed down so that the user wasn’t overwhelmed and had capability to easily edit selections within the tool. A Great Idea mapped out the intended goals of the project and introduced collapsible FAQ centers, form logics and other user patterns that provided a seamless experience.

Detailing the User’s Experience

Once the tablet tool had clear focus and tightened engagement planned, it moved to the wireframing stage where content and calls to action could be easily identified and modified. A Great Idea took these wireframes to create an active prototype that gave them team and client an opportunity to interact with the tool before it went into full development.

Designing for Use

A Great Idea looked to Janssen’s thorough brand guide to provide direction for the tool’s visual design. Keeping it within the Janssen family of products, the tablet tool’s clear calls to action and visual language of iconography and graphics produce a powerful, effective tool.