Cohen Military Family Clinic Website

The Up Center


What I loved was that they not only met our needs but found ways to enhance a system, functionality, UX whatever the focus and push it over the top. There were several times when they made subtle improvements to our requests that not just met our needs but exceeded them, which managed to put a smile on my face during what could have been a hectic project. The trust and confidence A Great Idea inspires means that I know the work will get done, the project will be a success, and I won't have to micromanage the process.
Amanda R.
Marketing Manager

Seamless Integration

Built to connect o The Up Center’s existing WordPress site portal, A Great Idea delivered user experience (UX) strategy, sitemap, and wireframe to ensure the leadership team could meet all their expectations in the partnership before the visual design began.

Information Ease

Each page on the WordPress site is designed to direct a user, either as a veteran or a member of their family, to services. Simple calls-to-action, clear use of color, and clean typography work to enable a friendly, familiar, and swift connection to their next steps.

On-Time and On-Budget

A Great Idea is committed to meeting the goals of our partners, even when those deadlines are coming fast. With quality front-end development and website design as our approach, we set out a schedule with our partners to ensure we support them in the timing of their goals. Turned around in a few short weeks, A Great Idea was proud to see The Up Center’s Cohen Military Family Clinic site standing proud for the launch of the program.