A Push Forward

CCSI is a program that works with diverse communities across New York City. The website for many years was a highly underutilized tool in ensuring that participants had access to resource materials and calendars. The redesign, or site evolution, needed to take into account both responsive frameworks and simplicity of content hierarchy so that people could approach the tool with clarity and comfort. Strategies in organizing the site for quality user experience, or UX, as well as designing the site to feel light and easy-to-use yielded immediate positive response from participants.

Access Across the City, Across Devices

It was critical to have the site be accessible for everyone because many households served by CCSI did not have easy access to a laptop or tablet. Mobile phones were the focus for the site’s evolution in design, front-end development, and content. For example, the calendar’s upcoming events were the most important facet for users accessing the site, so the mobile design has given this material center-stage to make sure participants quickly get what they need from meeting-to-meeting.

Lightness and Warmth

As a program that connects people who may be looking to advance access to youth care or address significant challenges, the palette (based off the program’s parent Vibrant) echoed the vitality and energy inspired by the participants themselves. Through graphic design solutions that felt bold and authentic, each section of the site was similarly lifted with imagery and illustration that affirmed the value of community care.