Advocate for Adult Industry Reform Directory

New Moon Network
First of Its Kind Sex Work Advocacy Directory!

No directory of resources and materials dedicated to sex worker advocacy existed before. The client’s vision was not fully formed when A Great Idea was approached.


Create a resource website that includes diverse experiences and identities within sex work. The tone of the site should be lighthearted.


A Great Idea built an incredibly easy-to-use, demographically inclusive online directory. Additionally, we designed a whimsical logo that played off of the “AAIR” acronym. Custom illustrations were created to visually reinforce the more cheerful tone. 


Web Excellence Award
Web Excellence Awards
[A Great Idea] understands our community advocacy-oriented goals and is also driven by a passion to make the world a better place.
Savannah S.

Memorably Lighthearted

Playing off of Advocate for Adult Industry Reform’s acronym–AAIR–New Moon Network’s stakeholders delighted in our simple, but instantly memorable cloud theme.

Filter Feeding Info

AAIR Directory’s user experience of its search functionality is effortless. Using filters to refine displayed information, those looking for events, funding opportunities, jobs, courses, and other resources can easily find all of the available information based on the selected filters.

It's Bespoke!

Custom illustrations were commissioned to perfectly complement the visual direction and to reflect the human-centered approach and diversity of our communities.